Symptoms of a polyester allergy

The most common symptom of a polyester allergy is itchy skin, contact dermatitis, hives, red skin, skin abrasions and or a rash where skin has come in contact with polyester.  Click on the Comment link to comment on your symptoms, tell your experience and send photos of your reactions.

Other symptoms include

  • swelling
  • chest pain

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2 thoughts on “Symptoms of a polyester allergy”

  1. When I come into contact with polyester, I react in minutes. My throat gets very sore minutes and I have difficulty breathing.

    1. The worst thing is that no one believes you, not even the doctors, they think that you are a crank in UK. I’ve been told that there is no test to diagnose a polyester allergy so I am very limited in my options for the reasons mentioned above. It also impacts on jobs as most employers are not willing to make reasonable adjustments when it comes to polyester uniforms. This is the first site that I have come across where there are others who have the same allergy.

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