Sleeping with a polyester allergy

This article is for all the sources of polyester around sleeping and bedrooms. There is many sources of polyester in your bedroom which would need to be removed. We spend a large amount of time in our bedrooms and being exposed small quantities over time can result in unpleasant results.


  • PJ’s/Night gowns
  • Sheets, duvet covers, comforters, comforter covers, pillows
  • Polyester fill in comforters, pillows, mattresses
  • Carpet in the flooring

It is best to start slowly when replacing your bed items as you don’t want to solve one problem and end up causing another. Here is the steps I have followed starting with the more inexpensive and easy to replace items first. Macy’s, Sears, Winners often carry all the items you need.

  1. Read you labels on your PJ/Bath robe/Night gown and make sure it is polyester free. 100 % Cotton is the easiest to find and other options include silk
  2. Find sheets which are 100 % cotton. Be sure to wash them 5 to 10 times to remove the dye
  3. Replace any blankets or covers. Some people are fine with cotton covered comforter which have polyester fill. Others need either wool blankets or goose down filled comforter

Those three items are the easiest and often enough to prevent direct contact with polyester. To take it to the next level would be replacing your bed which is often covered with polyester fabric, carpets, drapes and furniture coverings.

Beds – many mattresses now are available with wool as a covering, feels good

Flooring – Carpets can be be replaced with wool but wood is more cost effective choice.

Window coverings – Drapes may have to be custom made to not have them in polyester, there are many types of wood, bambo shades, vinyl shades  that could be used instead of fabric.

Furniture – Buying leather furniture or having them reupholstered with a fabric of your choice. The issue with fabric covered furniture is the fill may be polyester much like comforters.

One thought on “Sleeping with a polyester allergy”

  1. All of this is absolute truth though people will contradict and discount it all. My Polyester allergy has become so severe I can’t sit on most furniture, sleep on a mattress, with pillows or wear anything polyester at all without instantly developing intense stomach pains, my skin flushes pale, my sinuses blow up and my entire body becomes sick to the core. I can now no longer drink bottled water from plastic either.This has happened my entire life and caused major illness of no determinable origin. Within the past 7 years it’s gotten out of control and really impacted my life in so many ways. But after buying a new 1800.00 pillow top mattress and accompanying pillows my health spiraled. I developed insomnia, my eyes would literally tear rivers down my cheeks as I tried to fall asleep, would have to urinate up to 15 times a night, now have ringing in my head 24/7, chronic sinusitis, chronic dehydration, developed many food allergies and my body hair all fell out. The problem is this condition ramps up as time goes along. For me the nail in the coffin lid was tearing out an old carpet and the fibers got into my sinuses and lungs triggering a systemic autoimmune response. Plus I can no longer use clothes dryers because the polyester lint from previous washings fuses to your clothing making them all reactive as well. Do you know how hard it is to find all cotton bedding and pillows? HARD. Even harder is living in a world where people think you’re crazy because you suffer from something they don’t believe exists. The very worst part is that this is genetic. My Mom, Older Brother and now my Niece and her newborn baby suffer through it. And the kicker is I’m the only one who’s figured it out and NO ONE comes to talk to me about it because they seem to think I’m crazy. And so I have to just watch their lives and health spiral. This is a terrible condition and I wish more people were aware of Polyester causing their health issues.

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